Five Brilliant Book Promotion Tips for Busy Authors

Book promotion can be time-consuming yet it’s a necessary step to draw attention to your work. As soon as you’ve published your book, your most pressing task is to get the word out. So, you ask yourself:

‘What’s the best way to reach more potential readers with the least amount of time?’

You can’t afford to waste time on ineffective book promotional efforts so you have to choose well. Maybe you’ve heard of the 80/20 Rule or the Pareto Principle after Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist who put forward the idea that you can spend 20% of your time on something that will yield 80% of your desired results. It’s a popular principle for a good reason: it works.

It is worth testing, isn’t it? If you’re ready, let’s dive in. Below, you can find five effective book promotion tips for authors who don’t have a lot of time.

1. Be fully engaged in the promotional task at hand.

It’s so easy to get distracted these days. But authors are better at shutting out distractions than any other professionals. That’s how you managed to write a book according to schedule in the first place.

Apply the same mindset to book promotion. Block a few minutes a day in your schedule to explore one promotional technique or channel at a time. For instance, if you decide to learn how you can promote yourself via Goodreads, spend at least 30 minutes learning how the platform works.

You can create a Facebook Author page and get it up and running in 30 minutes or so. Meanwhile, you can follow 50 people, update your status and chat with potential readers on Twitter in 20 minutes. Whatever book promotion tactic you decide to tackle, give it your full attention so unfinished tasks don’t pile up. Once you have read and completely understood an FAQ section or a user guide, you won’t have to go over it again later.

2. Share your expertise to a relevant online community or niche.

Quora, Reddit, Goodreads forums, Wattpad forums, and Tumblr blogs have communities and target audiences that you can attract by sharing your expertise or experience. Veronica Roth, a famous Young Adult fiction author, is active on Tumblr because she knows that it’s the place where most of her target readers hang out online.

Select the community that best fits what you have to offer. For example, Guy Kawasaki, author of non-fiction marketing books, regularly answers questions on Quora, which helped build his online presence and establish his authority in his chosen field. James Altucher also positioned himself as an expert by answering over 800 questions on Quora.

Your regular contribution to these active, search-friendly online forums can bring you new connections, generate leads, and drive traffic to your website that you’d otherwise miss. Whatever you do in these forums, find a way to position yourself as an expert.

3. Ask to be interviewed by popular bloggers in your target niche.

Get featured on well-known sites through an author interview. Cross promotion is a great strategy to find a new audience for your book. This is super effective, which is exactly the reason why a lot of veteran authors seek out opportunities to be interviewed.

It’s a common mistake to approach influencers only in time of need. The better way is to build a relationship with these famous bloggers, vloggers, podcasters even before you need to ask them any favor. Post a helpful and encouraging comment or two on their blog or most active social media channels or support them by sharing their content on your social media accounts.

In general, people reciprocate good deeds like these. If they don’t, you can simply give them a nudge and volunteer to add valuable content by offering to be interviewed. Show these content creators how your subject matter expertise would benefit their audience at no cost to them. It’s a win-win.

4. Create a hype around your book even before it’s published.

Movies with million-dollar investments create a buzz through trailers and celebrity interviews months before they hit the theaters. While you don’t have the same budget for marketing your book, you can plan ahead.

For instance, the author of Mistborn series Brandon Sanderson, posts the target release dates of his books on his website to create anticipation and whet the appetites of his readers. Updating your blog is also a great way to connect with your target readers months ahead of your book publication.

Build a solid online presence even before you have a book that’s ready to launch. When you plant seeds early, you will harvest the sweet fruit of your labor just in time for your book’s official release date.

5. Keep a list of promotional strategies you want to try and experiment on each one.

With so many avenues to market your work, you have to keep up with the changing times and learn as fast as you can about websites, applications and avenues that will widen your reach and increase your book sales. Stay in the know and keep track of emerging platforms that present opportunities for you to promote your books.

Consulting experts in the field of book promotion simplifies your work and set you on the right track. Whether you choose to listen to a mentor or prefer to hire professionals to lay the groundwork for you, be sure to focus on promotional techniques, tactics, and strategies that bring you closer to your goals.

The Truth About Promoting Your Book Effectively

We want to tell you that promoting your book is easy. But reality is, reaching the right audience for your book at the right time is hard. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it all alone.

You have written a remarkable book. Now, give it the attention it deserves by doing the best you can to share it with as many potential readers as possible. Lucky for you, this is a huge part of our work here. 

Manage your precious time and allow us to choose the best promotional strategies for your book, build a buzz around your masterpiece, and forge connections with influential people before you need them. Call us today.