Video Marketing: The Next Best Thing For Your Book?

How do publishing and marketing services providers decide on what to offer to their authors? The common-sense response would be: the ones that give the most value in terms of revenue. But as James Rouse put it, 

“Profit is not the legitimate purpose of business. The legitimate purpose of business is to provide a service that people need and do it so well that it’s profitable.”

Rustik Haw’s mission states in part:

“ connect our clients with their audiences in the most innovative, direct and results-driven services: through tailor-packaged marketing platforms, that will suit any budget...”

Hence, Rustik Haws maintains the following criteria in selecting the services it offers to its authors:




To provide outstanding, innovative, and results-driven services

Enter: Rustik Haws Media, Your New Home of Quality Book Trailers.

In line with its mission, Rustik Haws introduces Rustik Haws Media, its own brand of video marketing service that caters to the ever-increasing need of authors, audience, entrepreneurs, and consumers for well-crafted, captivating videos.

Why video?

If the following charts showing Hubspot Research’s findings do not convince you of the relevance and effectiveness of video marketing, we don’t know what will. Apart from their tv ads, trusted brands going out of their way to invest in well-crafted marketing videos to be distributed to Facebook and Youtube should give you a hint that video is indeed here to stay.

The charts below show that video is now the most preferred type of content and that it is the most effective way to boost brand retention. These results tick off both relevance and effectiveness in Rustik Haw’s criteria in selecting the services it offers to its authors.

What makes video marketing relevant and effective?

This question answers the why behind the why. Why do people prefer video content? And why is video content considered the most effective in making your audience remember your brand? These three reasons work together as a system, making video marketing more relevant and effective than ever:

(1) Humans are largely visual in nature. Remember The Buggles’ song, “Video Killed The Radio Star”? Many cry for the death of radio, but it is the way it is. Evolution has always been unforgivingly sacrificial in nature. The song lyrics goes on to reiterate:

“Pictures came and broke your heart.

Put down the blame on VCR.”

(2) The digital age, which spells convenience and flexibility, is here. It is just the way American writer and futurist Alvin Toffler had predicted in his books. The impact the digital age has in our lives may be obvious, but not so much some decades ago, when economies were purely agricultural, industrial, or a combination of both. Recent research by Common Sense Media has shown that parents’ average screen time is nine hours and 22 minutes per day. That’s way more than our average working hours.

The tv-versus-radio tussle has now gradually evolved to the internet-versus-tv battle. One of the significant reasons why The Bigbang Theory’s ratings have dropped is the fact that CBS shows are hard to stream. Viewers now prefer movies and tv show streaming that allows them the flexibility of watching their favorite shows anytime, anywhere.

(3) People want to be entertained without taking too much of their time. Our selective nature of retaining information dictates that we tend to absorb and remember the types of information that forge a strong emotional connection with our insatiable inner beings. But as we all know, watching our favorite TV shows or movies is a day’s major decision to make. Five minutes of unplanned entertainment is too much to ask. But it’s also true that we crave every small opportunity for a quick laugh. We want to be moved and get inspired without having to sit for hours. This is why expert video marketers make sure that the first three seconds of a two-minute video is compelling and intriguing enough. Otherwise, you lose the interest of a distracted audience whose attention is ever-dwindling.

What type of video is most suitable for you?

The suitability question is addressed after we determine the type of video that is fitted for your book and budget. This is where Rustik Haw’s mission to create services tailor-fitted to authors’ needs come in the picture. Sure, creating a high-budget movie-like book trailer is more revenue-generating, but is it suitable for a non-fiction inspirational book like yours?

There may be no limit to creativity, but there may be a limit to budget and feasibility. An engaging author video, which would give you an opportunity to give your readers a glimpse of your interesting personality, may just be the right fit. As an example, go check John Herold’s video, one of Rustik Haw’s early video marketing projects, and be inspired to create one of yours.

With the right amount of research, creativity, and budget, you too can make your own book trailer, author video or any marketing video for your product. Just remember that your video marketing will not be complete if not combined with your other marketing strategies, such as Social Media marketing. If you need expert help, contact Rustik Haws Media today.