Peggy Warren

Gathering Peace - is the story of forty year old Sam, who quits his job, buys a 36 ft Airstream trailer, sells his house and puts his wife, three children and a toy poodle into the tralier and sets off across the country in search of a new career idea. see more

Very Much a Woman's Book - is a collection of poetry and drawings. Before publication, the collection was a gift to a special friend. I’ve rolled it up and tied it with a red ribbon. see more

Every city is full of individual stories of passion, delight, and even despair. It's a Heart Thing chronicles the lives of four Dallas women who are on the precipice of change. Artistic Maggie, ambitious Brenda, bold Kate, and fragile Belle find support in each other as unusual circumstances bring them together to live under the same roof. see more

Where Love Starts - is a story told in verse and drawings of how the journey into finding love is through experiencing...see more

Where Love Goes - is a story told in verse and drawings about understanding that loss is just one of many...see more

Where Love Is, - is a story told in verse and drawings, dealing with visiting the different parts of ourselves...see more

Breaking Through - is a series of message poems that came to me one morning when I was depressed. Rather than wallow in my bed, I was directed to get up, pick up a pen and write down what turned out to be inspired and mood lifting messages.see more