About This Service

An effective social media marketing is vital to creating a strong connection with your target audience. But just like most authors, you ask yourself: “Where do I start?”

Let us take care of that.

This service promises to, not just jumpstart your social media marketing, but put it on high-gear so you can start engaging potential readers and increase your visibility worldwide. The Social Media Publicist Campaign features a nonstop ad boosting for four straight weeks and assigns a dedicated online publicist who focuses on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and blogsites. Our Marketing Team’s approach is called “Do, Coach, and Guide.” We establish your social media account across the top social media platforms, then we coach you on developing your social media marketing skills.

But it doesn’t need to be just “four weeks and done.” Let our online publicists help you leap into expert level. Learn and observe how the experts do it for four weeks, know their secrets, and continue your own journey long after your campaign is done.

Why do I need social media to market my book?

Consider this: Facebook alone already has 2 billion registered users and Twitter has 500 million, 320 million of which are online right now—and it’s rapidly growing.

Here’s are more ways having online presence can boost your bottom line:
  • Optimize search engine results, so that it’s easier for people to find you and your book online.
  • Showcase your writing prowess and personality.
  • Engage in more informal conversations with fans and book readers online.
  • Learn more about your readers, what makes them happy, what makes them tick.
  • Update your readers on events and news.
  • Build a network with other authors.
  • Be noticed by literary agents, editors, and publishers.

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